“I am so thankful for the time I spent with Laurie. Her educational background in psychology and nutrition counseling and use of love-based healing taught me so much! In a few short sessions, I learned ways to incorporate a larger variety of foods into my families meals, I became more confident in my ability to seek out foods for specific nutrients and most importantly did some emotional healing along the way. Many thanks Laurie!!”

"Laurie is an incredibly gifted healer who has helped me get through some very difficult health challenges, providing the emotional and spiritual support I needed to work meaningfully with the physical issues.  She is also amazing at providing practical guidance around nutrition and supplements, and every recipe she has ever sent me has turned out delicious!  I am so grateful for her loving presence and deep wisdom".

"As a mind-body healthcare practitioner versed in nutrition, I was nervous I'd hear the same info I already knew. Laurie's class was a pleasant surprise. Not only was the nutritional information revolutionary, I appreciated how Laurie instilled love for ourselves and our relationship with food as an integral aspect of true health. I also loved tasting the foods of the recipes she gave us. I'm so grateful to have had a chance to take Laurie's holistic nutrition class! "

"Laurie's love and depth of understanding/knowledge of holistic nutrition helped me to reconnect with food, and get back on my path to healing for myself and family."