I work with clients on their individual needs and interests regarding nutrition, lifestyle wellness and soul awakening. My areas of experience include thyroid issues, hormone imbalances, autoimmune disease, candida, leaky gut, impacts of stress, weight management, and mold exposure detox. I also incorporate self-forgiveness and loving techniques. My own healing journey showed me illness was here to awaken me. It invites me to go deeper into my loving with and for myself. My journey is not without discomfort or challenge, but has been transformed when I let Love Lead me. This is the understanding of illness that I bring to my work with clients. 

Nutrition Consultation

Laurie provides current and individualized nutrition consultations working with autoimmune diseases, thyroid issues, weight management, female hormones, digestive issues, impact of stress, athletic performance, and children.

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Spiritual Guidance

Laurie supports your work in becoming aware of the parts of you longing for deeper loving. When we acknowledge and embrace these hidden aspects of us we remember the truth of who and what we are, living Love. Then the physical body has an easier time cooperating with the healing process.

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Group Classes

Group classes are offered to the public once a month with a focused health topic such as: digestion, detox, metabolism, energy fatigue, and mental function. Each class offers a meditation, lecture, snacks, educational handouts, and guided visualizations.

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